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    Over 300 icons are available with FontAwesome, which allows for the easy implementation of icons into your content, to spruce up the feel.

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Website Design

We focus on providing small businesses and unique individuals with visually appealing websites that are easy to manage from the backend. Our websites are built on the widely used Joomla CMS which means little to no custom coding. This helps create a more affordable website by cutting down on coding time.

Our customers range from executive limo service to adventure bloggers. Our small business thrives on helping other small businesses and individuals promote themselves with clean and professional websites.

Take a look at previous websites we've built for our customers and see for yourself why our biggest marketing tool has always been word of mouth.

How Much Does A Website Cost?

That depends on what you'd like your website to do. Do you want a website that displays some basic information with some powerful artwork or do you want a website that can fly to the moon and make you a latte at the same time?

The answer is there is no standard price for every website and it varies with what our customers needs are along with their budget. Typically our websites start around $1,000 and go up depending on the scope of work for the whole project.

On average we're 30% - 50% less than other web designers due to having small overhead and happy staff. We've had zero turnover since 2010!

If interested we're happy to provide a free quote to help you get a better idea of what your new or revamped website would cost.